A filmmaker's incredible journey on foot into the heart of Scotland's mountains seeking meaning among strangers and the elemental beauty and rawness of nature.

Pursuing a childhood dream, Scottish filmmaker James Urquhart heads off alone on foot into the rugged landscape of his homeland.


Sacrificing home comforts for a simple nomadic life in a tent, he attempts to climb the country's 283 highest mountains called the Munros and discovers a different world from the modern pace of modern life.


For 7 months and many hundreds of miles James walks through the seasons at the mercy of the elements, capturing the brutality and beauty of the experience.


But it is encounters with people - including hermits, hikers and inhabitants of the Highlands - that a collective and universal story unfolds about life, death and our conflicted relationship with nature.


Through the words and stories of others and the meditative nature of walking, James searches for meaning in his journey and finally confronts an unexpected truth.


The film poetically weaves together a rich tapestry of characters, conversations and observations with the ever changing landscape through James' personal journey, inspiring us to contemplate connections - both environmental and human - and our place in the world.


Ultimately, BEYOND THE MOUNTAINS is a timeless ode to nature, life, and living simply. It invites us to marvel at what can be found when we embrace the mystery and magic of the world around us.

Title: Beyond the Mountains

Director: James Urquhart

Location: Scotland, UK

Duration: 110 minutes

Language: English

Production: Inner Hut Films

Release date: TBC 2023


James Urquhart