Beyond the Mountains is a feature documentary film currently in post-production by James Urquhart that explores our connection to the natural world and its relevance in an age of concrete, computers and cheap thrills.

Convinced that humans did not evolve for hundreds of thousands of years just to sit indoors behind desks all day, James abandons the world he knows and embarks on foot across the wildest parts of Scotland and over the country’s 283 mountains that rise above 3000ft – collectively called the Munros.

Beyond the Mountains takes us on that 7 month walking odyssey and tells an enchanting story about connections between ourselves and the world around us.

Through random encounters with eclectic and sometimes eccentric people – including a wine-making hermit, a man who lives in a tent all year round, and a self-confessed Reindeer fanatic – the film weaves together personal stories and metaphysical contemplations with the extraordinary variety, beauty and bleakness of the landscapes that he travels across.

The result is a compelling and beautiful film that unveils an essential and inescapable bond that exists between ourselves and nature through our hopes, fears and dreams. The film reminds us to open our eyes to connections, both human and environmental, and ultimately to our sense of place within the world.

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