Dear Green Place – A short film

A short film about North Kelvin Meadow – a green and wild community space in Glasgow that is under threat from property developers.

During my journey, capturing footage was as routine as putting one foot in front of the other. So when there were no more steps to take and I returned home in July, it was inevitable that putting the camera away would create a void in my day-to-day life.

After spending the initial couple months of my return watching some footage, working on a new trailer and website and generally enjoying fresh food, clean clothes and taking a daily shower, by the end of October I was itching to get out and film something.

So on a drizzly autumnal evening I took the bus from Edinburgh to Glasgow to film a Halloween event that was taking place in a green community space called North Kelvin Meadow.

I first heard about the meadow in August at my goddaughter’s 2nd birthday party in Glasgow. I got chatting to Emily who runs a weekly playgroup in part of the meadow called the Children’s Wood. I was amazed to hear that a meadow and woodland had come to exist in such a built-up and urban environment, and I was keen to go and explore it.

The land used to be a football pitch and tennis courts but over years of neglect it fell into disrepair and became a dumping ground and a hangout for drug users. In 1996, residents in the local community took it upon themselves to tidy the place up and sowed some seeds.

Now, hundreds of trees – some 40 feet high – tower above the tennis courts and the meadow is home to an array of wild flowers and animals. The local community use the space to hold events, grow vegetables, walk dogs, entertain and teach kids and to simply escape the bustle of the city for a while.

However, the meadow is under serious threat. Glasgow City Council want to sell the land and an application by a developer has been submitted for the building of 90 apartments on the meadow. If the development is given planning permission then it will mark the beginning of the end of a much-loved community resource.

On my journey over and between the Munros I lived and walked through some of the wildest parts of Scotland and I came to appreciate how important wild places are. Many people, particularly city dwellers, are not in a position to experience the wildness of the world beyond concrete. But the North Kelvin Meadow goes some way to provide people with that important opportunity.

I think such green spaces that have genuine value to a community and that remind us of something more natural and human should be protected not destroyed. So I wanted to make a short film to help the campaign in some way and help save the meadow for future generations to enjoy.

If you think nature is more important than a high-end new-build then you can help the campaign by signing the online petition and by lodging an official objection to the planning application here: Please also take a moment to share the film online to help raise awareness

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